Action Pour les Droits Humains et L'Amitiť (ADHA)

Action pour les Droits Humains et l’Amitié (ADHA)  is a neutral and non-profit making organization created by young Senegalese human right activists whose burning desire is to contribute towards the promotion and protection of human rights not only in Africa and but also beyond.


Areas of Intervention:

The following constitute the focal points of its activities:  

  • Monitoring and ensuring respect for human rights and human dignity;
  • Ensuring the protection and promotion of the rights of minorities and indigenous peoples (Castes, indigenous minorities as well as religious, ethnic and linguistic minorities);
  • Monitoring the implementation of the regional and international legal regimes relating to the promotion and protection of the rights of refugees and asylum-seekers in Africa and worldwide.
  • Denouncing and ensuring the elimination of modern forms of slavery;
  • Ensuring the strengthening of the rule of law and democracy in Africa;
  • Contributing towards the unification of African societies through the promotion of peace, friendship and solidarity. It is imperative to state that ADHA is also interested in reinforcing intercultural exchange between Africa and the rest of the world.
  • Striving for the prevention, management and resolution of intra and inter-state conflicts in Africa.


Attaining Its Objectives:

To achieve its afore-mentioned goals, ADHA will strive

  • To ensure the ratification and implementation of international and regional human rights instruments by African states.
  • To collect, publish information relating to the situation of human rights in African states and beyond;
  • To organise seminars, conferences and symposium on human rights in general and the rights of minorities in particular;
  • To write reports on the situation of human rights and the rights of minorities in Africa;
  • To provide legal assistance for the victims of human rights violations in African states;
  • To ensure the holding of free and fair elections as well as the independence of the judiciary in Africa;
  • To mobilise Senegalese, African and international public opinion with the view to denounce massive human rights violations in Africa and beyond;
  • To collaborate with national, regional and international human rights organisations and institutions with the sole purpose of ensuring the universal protection and promotion of human rights and dignity.
  • To popularize the emerging human rights instruments such as the Pan-African Youth Charter in which the rights of African youth are enshrined.
  • Facilitating the access of African peoples to human rights documents.


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